Studio Layout

Our studio is compact but it’s big enough and offers plenty of flexibility for a range of photography styles; from portraits to small groups, on tall seem-less backdrops, custom painted canvases, or just using some of the beautiful features in the space.

Beautiful tall double doors lead you from our office and makeup space into the main studio area with good natural light, a kitchenette, a period fireplace and a bathroom on-site.

1 – Main Studio Space

2 – Office & Makeup Area

3 – Bathroom

a – This space is ~4m with with 2.7m seem-less rolls or canvas backdrops up to 3m high

b – 2.5m portrait wall in plain white.

c – Quick change portrait wall perfect for headshops. Setup with a white reflector by default.

d – Another quick change backdrop on a 1.8m wall next to the window.