Studio Intro / Help

We’ve been there. We’ve stared blankly at the buttons. We’ve wrestled with lighting modifiers. We’ve had lights refuse to behave. We’ve used all the swear words (well, most of them). We can help!

Every hirer gets an introduction to the gear on site, and quick reference guides are right there for you. But if you’re concerned you might not know how to use a particular piece of equipment, or how to set up lights for a particular shot that’s OK, we’ve got your back.

Subject to availability we’re happy to give you complementary assistance on setting up and using any of the equipment on site during your booking.*

We also offer a range of Studio Lighting Workshops, Portfolio Builder Events, and 1-on-1 Tutoring. So don’t be afraid if you’ve never stepped in to a studio before, we don’t bite. 

(PS: Light stands can and do bite. Even trained ones.)

* Subject to our availability and within your studio booking time.