Studio Equipment

Studio Equipment

Art of Light Studios is a ‘turn-key’ studio space, with studio lights, modifiers, backdrops and more set up and ready for you to use.

Our Standard Studio Equipment includes*

Studio Strobes:
3 x Godox 600QTII – High Speed Sync Capable
1 x Godox 600QSII
1 x Godox 400QSII
1 x Godox MS300

1 x 120cm Octobox
1 x 180cm Octo-umbrella.
2 x 140cm Strip Soft Boxes with grids
1 x 70cm Beauty Dish (White) with grid
Various reflectors, umbreallas, barn doors, gels, snoots, etc.

Black & White Velvet
Selection of hand-painted cloth & canvas
Paper Greenscreen
More colours and options added all the time!

We of course have a variety of stands, booms, reflectors and more! If you’re after something particular please just contact us directly.

If you’re not 100% confident using studio lights or you’d like a bit of an intro to any of our studio equipment it’s no problem. We’re happy to take customers through how everything works and there are quick reference guides on-site.

Most of our Godox lights allow full remote power control and can be set to slave or to trigger in separate groups. And if you haven’t seen what a studio strobe with high speed sync is capable of, then now’s the time!

We also offer Studio Workshops and 1-1 Tutorials.