Model Registration Page

Hi there. This page is for models to register their details with us. If you’re interested in being contacted for bookings in our workshops, portfolio evenings or other shoot opportunities please provide your details and submit the form.

It’s great if you also let us know whatever basic info you’d like us to keep on file (availability, rates, etc.).

Workshops – We run regular workshops in and out of the studio for a variety of photography styles. Typically our customers are serious amateurs that are looking to build their portfolios and learn new skills. Workshops tend to run on weekend for 3-5 hours with groups of between 4 and 6 photographers.

Portfolio Builder Events – Geared more towards taking pictures and less to teaching specific skills, we help small groups get great shots by bringing together sets, make-up, props, lights and more. Portfolio builder events are typically run in the evening and will usually be for ~3 hours. 

For both Workshops and Portfolio Builder Events the participants must release images for use by models in their portfolios and you get paid. You also get to build your network of photographers and sometimes makeup artists and stylists.