Best Value Sydney Studio Hire

Sydney's best value photography studio?

OK. We know it’s a big call, but we honestly believe that we might be Sydney’s best value photography studio. What makes us think that we’re the best? Glad you asked. For starters we include many things that the others don’t. For example:

  • Backdrops. And not just plain backdrop either, but high quality backdrops. We have rich black velvet, clean white vinyl, and of course a range of paper rolls. But there’s more! We also have a huge range of hand painted canvas backdrops to give your portraits that extra pop.
  • Lights. We have strobe lights, LED lights, Light Sticks, Spot Lights, and of course with all the light stands and lighting modifiers you could possibly need.
  • Extras. Of course we have all the other things you’d want to find in a well equipped photography studio (and a few you wouldn’t expect), from a clothes steamer, to mirrors, to polyboards. It’s all here.

We wrap all of this up in some of the cheapest studio hire rates around, with discounts for students and non-commercial work and regular specials.

So, what are you waiting for?